Kalixty (Kelly) Mierzejewski

Birth: 12 December 1886, Borowice, Mazowieckie, Poland (disputed)

Death: 27 September 1941, Toledo, Ohio

Relationship to me: Paternal Grand Uncle

Some of my grandmother’s story can be found through her brothers, Władysław, Kalixty, and John. Kalixty was the third child of Stanisław and Anna Keijewska, born 27 12 December 1886 in Borowice. He was the one family relative I never hear much about: it was almost as if he barely existed. My dad and aunt never spoke of him to my knowledge. What little I know of him has come from historical records.

It was Kalixty’s immigration information that tipped me off that brother Władysław arrived in the US first. A New York Passenger List from the ship Barbarossa dated 12 November 1908 shows Kalixty arriving in the US, with his birthplace indicated as Borowice, Russia (this was before Poland was an independent nation again and was still divided between Russia, Germany, and Austria). He names his mother, Anna, as his contact in the “old country” and lists Władysław as his contact in the US. He is headed to Branford, Connecticut. I believe Władysław may have been waiting for him there.

After that, Kalixty disappears off the radar. No records of him, not even an appearance in the 1910 census. No marriage, no naturalization records. Władysław went on to Pennsylvania where he and his first wife, Apolonia had a child named Zofia and Apolonia died of typhoid. Władysław remained in the Altoona region for a short while after widowhood and married Bronislawa (Bernice) two years later. But no record of Kalixty at all in the region at this time.

Kalixty shows up again in 1918 with a draft registration for World War I. Oddly, he gives his sister, Helena (my grandmother), as his nearest relative, with her residing in Borowice, Lomza, Russia Poland. His address is on 1060 Hamilton. I have Władysław was living in Toledo at the same time, at the same address per his World War I draft registration! Both Kalixty and Władysław were working for the NY Railroad.

Kalixty shows up on the 1920 US census in Toledo, Ohio living with brother Władysław, his wife Bronislawa (Bernice), and their three children. They are on Hamilton Ave. and there is a surprise family member living at this address: an Edward Mierzejewski who is listed as “brother.” Is this a brother to my grandmother I am unaware of? Or is this a brother to Bernice? I have never been able to place this man. Bernice had the surname Mierzejewski prior to marriage as well. Edward’s age given on the census was 25, so he would have been born about 1895. That does indicate a possibility he is a sibling to my grandmother. My grandmother’s youngest known brother, John, was born in 1893.

The next time I find Kalixty mentioned anywhere was a 1928 US Cities Directory. He is employed as a driver and living at 1762 Buckingham, with his brother John and his wife, Tillie. This address shows up repeatedly in my family’s history. I do not know who owned the home but at some point, my grandmother and her brothers had each lived at that address.

The last I know about Kalixty is that he died on 27 September 1941. His death certificate states he died in the Welfare Home and that he died of valvular heart disease. His death certificate also states he was single.