Photo and research credits

No genealogical effort is done alone, in a vacuum. There are many people to thank as I progress through this journey of discovery.

Many of the photos and much of the data on this site have been provided through the generosity and spirit of sharing. Many of those who claim Toledo's Polonia as "home" are often related--we are cousins, grandchildren, aunts and uncles, in-laws, and friends. If you have noticed material that you have provided me in the past and I haven't acknowledged you, please do let me know. I haven't intentionally ignored you, I just lost those notes!

Those who contributed photos or information on this website, whose names I have in my personal notes and correspondence are:

  • Fr. Thomas Extejt
  • John Plenzler
  • Jim and Cinny Sobieski
  • William Marsh
  • Judy Stewart
  • Gina Grzelka
  • Garret Mierzejewski
  • Antone Sousa
  • Joseph Wright
  • Justin Cronisier
  • Milton Mierzejewski
  • Bob and Pat Przybylski
  • Joan Segra Bordewin

John Mierzejewski, about 1917

John Mierzejewski, about 1917

Raymond and Davey Plenzler

Raymond and Davey Plenzler


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